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Credit Doc

Cure + build Your credit With us.

Credit Doc uses trade lines to securely build and craft your credit score. We offer credit management with a community. Plus, Credit Doc you can see your Approval Odds before you apply, without impacting your scores.

Our Trade-line Program

Whether you’ve taken a credit hiatus or are starting for the first time, this plan is built for people who want to boost their credit fast. This program will use our credit line and history to build your credit.

  • Boost score up to 60-200+ points
  • Weekly/Monthly check-ins
  • Community Access
  • Private Mentorship
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700 Club Community

Our communities give our clients the opportunity to connect and share their growth and results. Updates, sweet deals and new cure methods will be accessible in our community group chat & access to zoom webinars.

  • Meet & Connect
  • Discover new methods
  • zoom webinars

Credit Repair Program

You shouldn't be penalized for the rest of your life over one mistake. We've been able to cure and repair the credit reports of over 100+ clients. We've seen it all, From collection accounts, to late payments, student loans, repossessions, charge-off's, inquires, etc. On the bright side there isn't anything we cant fix.

  • in detail credit monitoring
  • Full on credit sweeps
  • Monthly check-in's and updates

Credit Guides

These guides are cheat sheets for growing your personal and business credit the fastest ways possible. They contain strategies & tips that have been proven to work by Financial Strategists.

Business Credit Guide

Our business credit guide is a best seller and all time student favorite. This guide walks you through acquiring your first business credit card, business funding and more.

  • Building business credit
  • Business structure
  • Business Banking
  • Business Trade-lines & Net 30's

Personal Credit Guide

Our personal credit guide is beginner friendly. You'll receive an advanced copy as a 2 for 1 deal. These 2 guides will educate you on tips to boosting your score.

  • Credit Basics
  • Primaries
  • Turning credit to cash
  • Top credit cards

No credit card? We got you !

Pre Approval Capital One Platinum Mastercard

- No hard Inquiry for pre approval

-No annual fee

-Beginner friendly
Recommend for 500+ credit scores


Pre Approval Discover IT Mastercard

- No hard inquiry for pre approval

- 1-3% Cash Back

- Standard credit limit
Recommend for 500+ Credit Scores



Our trade line + Your credit = Score boost

We give you access to our trade line (aged credit history) - our trade line will do the growing for you.

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Finding Your Credit Score

Credit Karma


- Transunion, Equifax ONLY

-Weekly Reports

-Free credit monitoring
Recommend for first timers

Identity IQ

$30/ month

- Experian, Transunion, Equifax Report

-Daily Reports

-In detail credit report

-SSN Trace

-Criminal Records Monitoring

-ID Theft insurance & Reimbursement

-Family Protection

-Enhanced Credit Monitorning
Recommend for first timers

Credit Doc Recommended

Our customers love us

"Want to give a thanks to Ru for helping me finally break a 700 score. I was stuck at 660 for a while"

- Alex (Lawrence, MA)

"I had damaged my credit and my score dropped to a 580. With the help of Ru I’m finally back at a 705 credit score"

- Karyna (Bronx, NY)

"Big shout out to Ru for helping boost my credit score. I recommend him for any credit help or questions!"

- Moises (Hartford, CT)

Connect with Us

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Ruben Morillo

Founder and President, DPT

The founder of Credit Doctor, Ru is dedicated to the wellness of credit and every person who walks through the door. Ruben opened the Credit Doctor after successfully helping a mass of people enter the 700+ credit range. He is caring, communicative and dedicated to helping people create better opportunities for themselves. When Ruben isn't using his magic touch to cure your credit , he's attending meetings and conferences to implement the most innovative practices and technologies to address his patients' needs.

Duke Pierre

Co Founder and Marketing Director, MSPT

Duke entered the credit world after working with tons of companies helping them launch out high level departments. Duke is fully dedicated in helping people discover their needs and putting possible opportunities for growth. His passion aligned well with the credit industry because he truly loves helping people. His role at the Credit Doctor is bringing awareness to the masses and giving everyone equal opportunity and options to fulfill their dreams, wants and needs